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CAMeRA is partnering with NSCR, the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, to study the effects of personal avatars on participants.


Master students Tjaza Appelman and Elanie Rodermond, from VU University Amsterdam, are spearheading this research.


This study will replicate research conducted by the University of Chicago.


The Future U project will take images of participants and age them into their 60s and 70s, thus rendering a future “you” for each. Participants will then be fully immersed into a virtual environment using a 3D headset. As the participants move through the room, they will come upon a mirror portraying the aged image. They can interact with the room and mirror, and ultimately must confront their future selves.

This study launches the use of the high-quality 3D Virtual Room Laboratory for CAMeRA. The Logos3D engine, developed by IC3D Media, powers the virtual environment. Users wear a head-mounted display that projects stereo images, generating a 3D environment. Additionally, the display fully uses 3D site surveyor tracking systems that captures positions and movements and then translates them into the images on the screen. As users turn and walk while the display is worn, it recognizes these movements and then changes the images on the screen; users truly have the means to move about the virtual space by their own physical actions.



NSCR, while located on the VU’s campus, is a separate research entity from the university itself. NSCR aims to study the interactions between crime and law enforcement, conduct scientific research (both independently and with other institutions) to then be published, train new researchers, and further develop a network of scientific researchers in the field of crime and law enforcement ( Jean-Louis van Gelder spearheads the project from NSCR.


CAMeRA and NSCR share the cost of developing the technology for the project.


This marks a milestone for the CAMeRA lab as it kicks off the use of the Virtual Room Laboratory setting. Moving forward, this environment will now be available for future research within the CAMeRA community.



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