LCC Meetings


All meetings are on Thursdays from 15:30 until 17:15.

You can find the abstracts and powerpoint slides of the presentations by clicking on the link of the corresponding presentation.


3 November 2011
Joyce Lamerichs & Marca Schasfoort 'I don't know' answers in trauma talk with children
6 October 2011
Tina Krennmayr Developing an online search tool for the metaphor corpus
16 June 2011
Wyke Stommel Recipient design through forms of address in e-coaching
19 May 2011
Monique Lamers The fluffy rabbit phenomenon and how to get rid of it
28 April 2011
Alan Cienki (Spoken) language as a prototype category
14 April 2011
Gerben Mulder Reliability in a single message design
31 March 2011

Piek Vossen and Hennie van der Vliet

Terms as linguistic instruments
3 February 2011
Ester Ĺ orm Processing visual metaphore: a study in thinking out loud
20 January 2011
Charlotte van Hooijdonk, Luuk Lagerwerf Processing visual metaphors: effects of visual complexity, meaning richness, and anchoring in advertisements


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