Meeting 3 February 2011 - Abstracts and slides


Processing visual metaphor: A study in thinking out loud

Ester Ĺ orm
The main purpose of this talk is to discuss a classification system used in a study on visual metaphor processing. The study addresses two questions:

(1) Do think aloud data show the theoretically distinguishable aspects of visual metaphor processing?

(2) Do think aloud data point to any other processes that should be incorporated in a model of visual metaphor processing?

A think aloud task was used as a research tool to collect verbal data on visual metaphor processing. In particular, participants were requested to look at pictures containing visual metaphors and to verbalize all thoughts as they looked at them and the resulting protocols were then analyzed for traces of distinct mental operations used in visual metaphor processing. In order to increase the success of the classification system, we will jointly evaluate the distinct categories of visual metaphor processing and try to identify problematic categories.



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